Our Advantage


Zimmer Kunz is dedicated to the practice of civil litigation – it is all we do. This focus, present since our founding in 1988, has afforded us the opportunity to hire the best legal talent and the knowledge to create specialized, objective-based solutions for the specific needs of our client’s matters. Our unparalleled experience results from proven ability in the courtroom where we try cases, not a conference room where settlements become an easy option. Most importantly, Zimmer Kunz attorneys represent a diverse and broad range of litigation expertise. This is important because at some point, every client will have a dispute that cannot be resolved without trying it.


We understand that one size does not fit all. Our approach dictates that our clients’ needs are always placed ahead of financial gain for the firm. This is an uncommon approach in an industry that routinely underperforms on its promise of fiscal responsibility. As an independent firm, Zimmer Kunz provides value to its clients through the development of specific legal solutions, not through top-heavy legal staff structures that inflate billings and frustrate clients. Further, Zimmer Kunz offers a variety of billing options designed to meet the needs of each individual client, including fixed, hourly, or retainer billing arrangements. Our future success relies on our ability to provide successful legal outcomes, “right-sized” for the specific needs of our clients.

Innovative Strategies

From tactical accident response and investigative teams ready around the clock, to our unique ability to leverage our deep experience and proven litigation ability across a diverse set of practice areas, Zimmer Kunz provides exceptional value and benefits to its clients through a strategic approach always focused on the best possible solution. Our dedication to civil litigation, refined through proven results, allows us to meet the ever-changing legal landscape where intellectual property, energy and natural resources have become primary economic drivers in our region. Our independence and nimble corporate structure promote the opportunity for us to move faster, engage our clients more efficiently and ultimately, provide solutions at a better value.