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Occupational Illness and Injury

Attorneys at Zimmer Kunz have handled thousands of workers’ compensation claims in Pennsylvania. Our attorneys who are licensed in West Virginia handle West Virginia workers’ comp matters for insurers and self-insureds under the relatively recently revised West Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. We have handled claims from the first stage of litigation before the claims even reach the Workers’ Compensation Judge (Pennsylvania) or the Office of Judges (West Virginia) and through the appellate bodies in both states (the Appeal Board in Pennsylvania and the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals in West Virginia). We have also handled many appeals of workers’ compensation matters to the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. We have written and spoken publicly at innumerable educational conferences and seminars regarding tough issues in Pennsylvania workers’ compensation and the ever changing case law and statutory and regulatory schemes. We counsel employers on the management of claims in litigation or outside litigation.

We also handle federal workers’ compensation defense, primarily, Federal Black Lung claims and Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act cases as well as Defense Base Act Litigation, and we have experience before the Administrative Law Judges, the Benefits Review Board and the United States Courts of Appeals for the Third and Fourth Circuits.

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