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ZK Result – Adam Auchey Obtains Defense Win for Insurance Company at Arbitration

Adam Auchey obtained a defense award at arbitration in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  Plaintiff, an insurance company seeking subrogation of property damage benefits paid to its insured following an accident at an exposition in Pittsburgh, filed suit against the exposition organizer and the property owner where the exposition occurred.  In response, the Defendants filed a counterclaim against Plaintiff for damages they incurred as a result of the accident.  Zimmer Kunz was retained to represent the insurance company as Counterclaim Defendant.  At arbitration, Adam presented evidence that the insurance company was never on site prior to or at the time of the subject accident, arguing that an insurer cannot be held directly liable for the acts of its insured under Pennsylvania law.  The three-attorney arbitration panel issued an award in favor of our client and against the original Defendants on their claims of damages.  Defendants failed to appeal during the applicable period, finalizing the award.