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Zimmer Kunz Results December 20, 2022

ZK Results – Attorney John W. Zotter Obtains Dismissal for Window Manufacturing Plant

In a lawsuit filed in the Court of Common Pleas of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, it was alleged that a window manufacturing plant in an industrial park caused excessive stormwater to flow from its property onto a neighboring property.  Among other damages, it was alleged that the stormwater runoff would cause an accumulation of stagnant water […]

Pennsylvania Updates December 20, 2022

PA Update – Commonwealth vs. Jackson, 2022 Pa. Super 156 (Pa. Super. September 13, 2022)

Under Pennsylvania Rule of Evidence 901, the proponent of digital evidence must produce sufficient evidence to support a finding that a particular person or entity was the author.  The proponent is not required to prove no one else could be the author.  A recent criminal court case is providing law which could become pertinent and […]

Zimmer Kunz News December 12, 2022

ZK News – Four ZK Attorneys Participate in National Kidney Foundation’s Monopoly Tournament

On September 15, 2022, four Zimmer Kunz attorneys, Ryan Zeli, Aaron Weiss, Zach Evans, and Jennifer Suder attended the National Kidney Foundation’s Corporate Monopoly Tournament at Pittsburgh Rivers Casino. This annual event is organized to raise awareness and funds for the National Kidney Foundation. Together with more than 175 guests, the event raised more than […]

Zimmer Kunz News December 12, 2022

ZK News – Attorney Aaron Weiss Joins the Weekly Re-Cap Podcast to Speak about Brewery Law

On November 1, 2022 attorney Aaron Weiss sat down with Nick Adams on his podcast the Weekly Re-Cap to speak about brewery law. The Weekly Re-Cap is a podcast where husband and wife duo Nick and Sara Adams discuss craft beer, beer trends, and beer culture while drinking and reviewing events, brews, and articles from […]