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Zimmer Kunz Results April 10, 2019

ZK Results – Attorney John W. Zotter Obtains Dismissal of Lawsuit Following Entry of Multiple Discovery Orders

In a lawsuit arising out of an alleged slip and fall in the parking lot of a drug store, the Plaintiff claimed that she fractured her left wrist as a result of falling on accumulated snow and ice.  At her deposition, the Plaintiff denied that she was employed subsequent to the accident.  However, it was […]

Zimmer Kunz Results April 8, 2019

ZK Results – Attorney John W. Zotter Successfully Raises Statutory Employer Defense

In a lawsuit arising out of an industrial accident, the Plaintiff sought damages for the partial amputation of his left foot resulting from an accident wherein a counterweight pipe that was being hoisted by a crane broke and fell onto his foot.  The Plaintiff’s medical bills and lost wages totaled approximately $400,000.  At the time […]

Zimmer Kunz Results April 3, 2019

ZK Result – Attorneys Chris Yoskosky and Aaron Weiss Obtain Dismissal in Alleged Fraternity Assault Cases

(Adams County, PA) (January 2019). Zimmer Kunz attorneys Chris Yoskosky and Aaron Weiss obtained a dismissal of a national fraternity after it was sued, among other defendants, for an alleged assault by one fraternity member against another at a Spring Social. Plaintiff filed suit against the individual fraternity member, the local chapter, the national fraternity, […]