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Pennsylvania Updates September 25, 2023

PA Update – PA Supreme Court Clarifies Liability for Events Serving Alcohol

Civil liability for the provision of alcohol has been a longstanding concern in the case law of Pennsylvania, as well as in the minds of event organizers. While the 1951 Dram Shop Act has long established liability for liquor licensees that overserve patrons, non-licensees have rested in somewhat of a gray area. What, for example, […]

Pennsylvania Updates September 21, 2023

United States Supreme Court Update – Out of State Corporations Registered in Pennsylvania Must Now Defend in PA Courts on any Claim

The United States Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of a Pennsylvania statute that requires corporations engaged in business within the state to register and accept general personal jurisdiction in Mallory v. Norfolk Southern Railway Co., 143 S. Ct. 2028 (2023). The court’s vote of 5-4 revealed an unexpected alignment of justices, with Justice Gorsuch […]