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ZK Results – Attorney John W. Zotter Obtains Dental Malpractice Defense Verdict

Zimmer Kunz Shareholder, John W. Zotter, secured a defense verdict in the Court of Common Pleas of Washington County, Pennsylvania for a dentist who was alleged to have committed professional malpractice and failed to obtain the informed consent of his patient.  The lawsuit arose out of an extended course of dental treatment that was planned to include placement of multiple mandible and maxilla dental implants and an implant supported fixed prosthesis for the entire maxilla.  During the course of the extended treatment, two implants failed in the maxilla and the dentist determined that another implant should not be placed without the support of a bone graft.  Also, before the Defendant dentist could complete the treatment, he moved out of state and was not able to complete the planned treatment.  Thereafter, the Plaintiff sought treatment from different dental professionals who provided a course of treatment that resulted in the Plaintiff having a less desirable removable denture for the maxilla.  The Plaintiff claimed that it was the Defendant dentist’s fault that he is now left with a removable denture.  In response, the Defendant dentist convincingly testified that neither his treatment nor his moving out of state caused the Plaintiff to now have a removable denture.  The Defendant’s testimony was strongly supported by testimony from a highly qualified dental expert witness.  A defense verdict was rendered in favor of the Defendant finding that no professional malpractice was committed, and that the Plaintiff gave informed consent to the treatment.