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ZK Results – Attorney Aaron Weiss Obtains Defense Win in Auto Accident Federal Jury Trial

(Western District, PA) (October 2022). After a three day federal civil jury trial in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Zimmer Kunz attorney Aaron Weiss obtained a defense result on behalf of the defendant insurance carrier in an Underinsured Motorist Case.

Plaintiff (age 25) claimed she was injured after the tortfeasor pulled from a stop sign while she had the right of way. She claimed she suffered ongoing neck / back pain (including a disc herniation), and headaches that would require future surgeries and treatment for the remainder of her life, including future medical costs of over $400,000.00.

The defense presented evidence that Plaintiff (1) suffered only a soft-tissue neck sprain that fully healed; (2) did not require any future treatment; and (3) did not pierce the threshold of limited tort, such that she was precluded from recovering non-economic damages.

After three days of trial, the jury returned a verdict that was ultimately molded to approximately $15,000.