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ZK Results – Attorney Sharon Hall obtains summary judgment and dismissal of wrongful death suit

Attorney Sharon Hall obtained summary judgment for her clients in a wrongful death suit alleging professional negligence in the performance of home health services leading to the death of a client.   Plaintiff, the administrator of the estate of the deceased, claimed the home health agency was liable for her mother’s death when they failed to show up for a shift.  The defense argued that the family had been told no one would be there and that alternate arrangements would have to be made.  The defense further argued that home health services are non-medical and could not have prevented the death even if the agents were present.   After a period of protracted discovery, Ms. Hall obtained summary judgment and dismissal for her clients on the basis that Plaintiff failed to meet her burden with expert support and failed to present sufficient evidence of conscious pain and suffering, as required under Pennsylvania law.   The Court dismissed the matter in its entirety, with prejudice.