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ZK News – George Stewart Presents at Harmonie Group London Event

On November 2,2022, George Stewart provided a presentation to attendees from the London insurance market at a Harmonie Group seminar hosted by the Browne Jacobsen firm at its London office, located in the heart of the financial district near the iconic Lloyd’s Building and historic Leadenhall Market. George spoke on the topic of the impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic upon litigation in the US (into which he was able to work a power point slide, featuring the most recent Penn State white – out football game). Other presentation topics included but were not limited to D & O issues, Covid-related employment litigation, and on the current topic of critical interest:  nuclear verdicts. Panel members and attendees were with firms from many geographic locations worldwide including England, Scotland, Ireland, European firms from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Portugal, Israel, India, Canada, and the United States.