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ZK News – Zimmer Kunz Associate Narrates Practice Management Audiobook

Thomas Cocchi, an associate in Zimmer Kunz’s Pittsburgh office, has narrated an audiobook geared towards helping lawyers manage their clients, cases, and overall practice. The book is entitled “Stop Putting out Fires: Building a More Efficient and Profitable Law Practice” and was written by Jeremy W. Richter, an attorney with Webster Henry in Birmingham, Alabama. The book seeks to help lawyers, and others who work in the legal industry, consider the management of their practice with the goal of discovering areas of improvement and increased productivity.

Reviews recommending Stop Putting out Fires:

“With a friendly but authoritative voice, Richter shares telling anecdotes and practical insights aimed at helping young lawyers hit the ground running.” — Ross Guberman, Author of Point Made and Point Taken

Stop Putting Out Fires is a must-read for any lawyer who wants to thrive — and not just survive — in the practice of law. Though entertaining examples make his points, Richter’s advice resonates in stark reality.” — Anne Blume, CEO of Claims and Litigation Management Alliance

“Once again, Jeremy has put together a readable and practical guide for developing your law practice. Told through a series of vignettes, this easy to read book will set you on the path to master your schedule, improve your practice, and hopefully be a happier lawyer.” — Keith Lee, Founder of LawyerSmack and Associate’s Mind

“This wonderful, practical book is written in engaging, accessible prose. ​It’s well designed for the busy junior lawyer looking for ideas on how to improve how they manage cases and how they work with clients. ​With Stop Putting Out Fires, Richter has gifted the lawyer community with important lessons packaged in a delightful, user-friendly format.” — Katrina Lee, Author of ​The Legal Career: Knowing the Business, Thriving in Practice

“‘Jeremy Richter is back with his second book for lawyers, and it’s another corker.  In this volume, Jeremy pinpoints perhaps the biggest flaw from which lawyers suffer as business owners: they’re reactive . . . to everything. His book addresses how lawyers can be more proactive about decision-making, and thus take more control over their careers.  Jeremy has a facility for stating real-world solutions simply, and without overstatement; and the advice provided is a veritable gold mine for the busy lawyer.  Crack this one open as soon as you can.” — Jared Correia, Host of the Legal Toolkit Podcast

The book may be purchased by following the link here.