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ZK News – Zimmer Kunz Sponsors Barrel & Flow Festival

This year Zimmer Kunz sponsored Barrel & Flow, a craft beer festival to promote craft beer among diverse communities, specifically the African American community. As part of the event, ZK collaborated with Anthony “Sizzle” Perry and his team at Crafted Culture in Columbus, Ohio to brew a beer. Crafted Culture is the Central Ohio’s first black-owned brewery, currently the closest black-owned brewery to Pittsburgh, and is dedicated to promoting equity and inclusion throughout the craft beer industry with their message of #BeerTheChange.

At the conference portion of the festival, attorney Aaron Weiss gave a presentation titled “Fermentation & Litigation: providing knowledge, context, and comfort to this otherwise intimidating area of law.” It discussed areas of litigation that can impact breweries, including: dram shop, fights / inadequate security, nuisance, premises liability, and contracts. Anyone wishing to receive a copy of the powerpoint slides can email Aaron directly at

Zimmer Kunz’s brewery and liquor law practice handles a wide variety of legal matters, including litigation for the areas of law above, and many more. It also provides useful advice and education to assist with obtaining liquor licenses, complying with existing legislation, preparing contracts, and ensuring breweries are properly prepared for any legal issues that may arise. Zimmer Kunz is a proud member of the Brewers of Pennsylvania and represents a number of breweries in Western Pennsylvania.