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ZK News – ZK Lawyers Present PA and WV Asbestos Litigation Seminar

Attorneys from Zimmer Kunz traveled to Maryland on October 26, 2022 to present a seminar covering current issues and emerging topics in Pennsylvania and West Virginia asbestos litigation. The seminar, available for continuing education credits in a handful of states, focused on the life of an asbestos case in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Zimmer Kunz attorneys discussed new and pending case law, and its impact on how attorneys defend asbestos matters; analyzed filing trends; provided an overview of the West Virginia and Pennsylvania asbestos judges; and more. Participants enjoyed learning about evidentiary standards, defenses, and experts with respect to asbestos litigation.

The following Zimmer Kunz attorneys presented the seminar: Joni Mangino, Ryan Zeli , Brian Lucot, Gregory Scheuring, Joseph Petrina, Mark Fiorilli, and Danielle Zietak.

Zimmer Kunz attorneys hope to continue to present this seminar in the future.